From Data to Real-Time Actionable Intelligence

Securonix is working to radically transform all areas of data security with actionable security intelligence. Our purpose-built advanced security analytics technology mines, enriches, analyzes, scores and visualizes customer data into actionable intelligence on the highest risk threats from within and outside their environment. Using signature-less anomaly detection techniques that track users, account, and system behavior Securonix is able to automatically and accurately detect the most advanced data security, insider threats, and fraud attacks. Globally customers are using Securonix to address the most basic and complex needs around threat detection and monitoring, high privileged activity monitoring, enterprise and web fraud detection, application risk monitoring, and access risk management.

Insider Threat Management

Detect, prevent, and manage insider threats from employees, contractors, and partners.

Identity & Access Analytics

Focus your identity and access management efforts where it counts.

Data Exfiltration Intelligence

Detect high-risk data access and usage at the source while transforming an existing DLP program with identity context and advanced analytics.

User & Entity Behavior Analytics

UEBA is emerging as the most promising solution to rampant cyber threats and fraud as it allows security pros to finally get ahead of the attackers by detecting risks to what they’re actually defending: the data!

Application Security Analytics

Threat and risk monitoring for your critical business applications and the data they hold.

Privileged Account Analytics

Rapid detection of abnormal high privilege account and user behavior.

Threat Intelligence

Identity and behavior risk intelligence for rapid advanced threat detection.