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Partners are either businesses with an agreement to work with EnterpriseGRC Solutions or professional organizations that have allowed, for active reference based in sponsorship, participation, and contribution. Business Partners allow EnterpriseGRC Solutions to plan larger scale projects based on an understanding that when the work is scheduled to begin, certain professionals will be made available to execute the work. This relationship makes it possible for EnterpriseGRC Solutions to maintain competitive rates and retain the highest level of subject matter expertise when you need it most. Business Partners represent thirty years in shared experiences, continued respect and integrity and a clear appreciation for the value drivers needed by our shared client community. We are proud to partner with companies that have employed us, or been employed by us in the past. It is a testament to never burning bridges and always remaining welcome to return.

Resource Partners - If EnterpriseGRC Solutions Inc. cannot provide the most cost effective and qualified resource for your projects, we can guarantee that one of our partners will. Our extended reach assures you that the right resource will be able to fill your exact requirement. In addition to our own consortium of excellence, we have active business relationships with all of the following well-respected companies.

AllgressLogoAllgress enables enterprise risk, security, and compliance professionals the ability to efficiently manage their risk posture. By utilizing advanced visualization, automation, streamlined workflows, and the integration of existing data feeds, Allgress reduces the complexity and cost of risk management. Unlike other risk management solutions, Allgress customers derive value in days rather than months. For more information, visit www.allgress.com  Contact Allgress at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 925.579.0002.


Tsheets logoAs an Elastic Compliance company, we prefer giving our clients exactly the service they need, in exactly the time it requires. We trust our consultants and remove constraints by using tools like TSheets Pro.  If we can give you the outcome in minutes, we will charge you for minutes.  Products like TSheets make it easy to clock in, do the work, clock out. There's no overhead expense and no minimum time, just maximum quality of service.  Attracted by their motto, "We love employees", EnterpriseGRC Solutions is able to attract and retain the world's best security and GRC talent because we enforce trust, value, flexibility, and quality in our tools and our culture.

Try TSheets for free.  We know you'll love it.  Call 888.836.2720, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - We integrate TSheets in our Quickbooks online billing system and we can tell you that it's just awesome. No more sunk costs in micromanagement and hours reporting.




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Aruvio offers innovative and integrated cloud-based applications that improve the efficiency and consistency of corporate governance, risk management, regulatory compliance, and 3rd party (GRC) management processes. Mid-tier pharmaceutical, medical device manufacturers, healthcare service providers, insurers, financial services, information technology, and Hi-tech manufacturers & service providers use Aruvio to automate and streamline risk, compliance, SOP, policy, training, corrective and preventive actions tracking, vendor risk management, anti-bribery risk management, and audit programs across their enterprise.  Built upon force.com (by Salesforce) our applications provide enterprise-class scalability, reliability, extensibility, security, and mobility, at a fraction of the costs of legacy solutions. For more information about Aruvio, visit www.aruvio.com, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 1-855-927-8846. 



Cavirin provides security and compliance across physical, public, and hybrid clouds, supporting AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, VMware, KVM, and Docker. The company’s ARAP and Pulsar solutions offer continuous visibility, are agentless and multi-tenant, and scale to the largest physical and virtual infrastructures. They offer up-to-the-minute compliance assessments, supplying audit-ready evidence as measured by every major regulatory and security best practice framework including CIS, DISA, PCI and HIPAA. With Cavirin, companies are empowered to make the right decisions faster and de-risk their cloud migrations. visit Cavirin, e-mail sales@cavirin

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ITpreneurs offers innovative competence development programs for IT best practices to support the educational needs of IT professionals. With expertise in key domains including Cloud Computing, ITSM, IT Governance, Information Security, Process Improvement and Project Management, ITpreneurs provides guidance on disparate frameworks and integrated solutions. Learn more about ITpreneurs at www.ITpreneurs.com



The EnterpriseGRC Solutions Corporate Website is secured by and has substantial parts of its code managed by LoginSecure.  Component selection, patch management, firewall management, and user access privilege can quickly get out of control.  We selected this firm out of Germany primarily because of their commitment to managing web security standards for business. It is well known that internet security in Europe is generally higher than FTC standard in the US. As we prepare to participate in GDPR standards with our clients, we will always start with our own implementation. As for working with a team in Europe, so far, so good.  We recommend them highly.  If you wish to speak with their expert staff, here's their contact.  We've been happy using Skype for Business and collaborating from California.

Coesfelderstrasse 48 | 46342 Velen | Germany | Tel.: +49 (0) 2863 719 53 50 | Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | Web: www.loginsecure.eu


106 San Pablo Town Center #184 - San Pablo, CA 9480 | Phone : (888) 509 3561 - Fax : (831) 307 5942 | Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - http://www.eammune.com

EAmmune works with Executive and IT management to provide strategic and operational guidance to companies who are either developing or deploying IT technologies. Founded in 2003, EAmmune has helped a diverse range of organizations in attaining their security and compliance business goals. EAmmune works with Executive and IT management to provide strategic and operational guidance to companies who are either developing or deploying IT technologies.  Consumer companies, such as Bebe Stores have relied on EAmmune to help them identify and effectively respond to their most pressing compliance and security requirements. EAmmune has assisted service providers such as MarketLive in developing effective service offerings and enhancing market positioning through security and compliance. Security vendors such as Tripwire have looked to EAmmune for guidance in creating targeted product offerings and messaging.  Government organizations such as NASA have trusted EAmmune to answer federal information security and compliance mandates.


AppSec Consulting - 5201 Great America Pkwy number 320 - Santa Clara, CA 95054 http://www.apsecconsulting.com   Using proven risk and vulnerability assessment services, AppSec Consulting helps protect online applications against immediate and future threats. We help organizations improve their security posture by identifying their security requirements and providing a complete plan for improving the overall security of applications, hosts, and networks.

AppSec Consulting performs vulnerability assessments of applications and networks, provide security certifications, help organizations develop coding security policies and procedures and teach application security courses. Our goal is to help companies integrate security into the application development lifecycle.AppSec Consulting specializes in application security, penetration test, vulnerability assessment, standards and guidelines, compliance


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Ryma Technology PartnersRyma Technology Solutions is a leader in product management - developing and selling processes, expertise, and tools that enable our customers to develop better products. Our award-winning software solution, FeaturePlan™, simplifies the implementation of any product management process and has been successfully used in implementing many kinds of product management and development processes worldwide.