Small IT audit company provides big solutions, Phoenix Business and Systems Process, Incorporated unveils new trademark, Facilitated Compliance Management.  (Reprint from 2006)

The United States based, woman owned, PB&SP manages compliance projects in the fortune five hundred stratospheres. Delivering highly publicized SAS 70 and Sarbanes-Oxley client success for its third year in a row this company’s mission ensures that clients think for themselves, and every stakeholder is master and commander in the management of their process, compliance framework, and risks.

Sounds good, so we have to ask, “How?” Facilitated Compliance Management™ is provided to our clients so they can model and prototype IT regulatory compliance.

What makes this news?  Search CobiT®, ITIL®, BS7799 and Facilitated Compliance and or any number of government regulations and the surprising answer is the Phoenix footprint often tops among the big four, ISACA, IIA and even AICPA.  Simple Solutions to Complex Problems is our method answer to “how to comply”. Where compliance harmonization and promise is everywhere you look, this site provides practical guidance and pragmatic steps for getting compliance done.

Offering open access to relationships and a full map of the compliance universe, Facilitated Compliance is never the same product twice. Committed to the right application of industry standards across the lowest common denominator of compliance needs, FCM makes no pretense of offering unique wisdom or even new ideas.  “If it is worth repeating,” CEO Robin Basham will often say, “it didn’t come from me.” 

With all the experience and your knowledge of standards, you could package a model.  Why not do that?
“We don’t believe that anyone does what they are told.  People have to believe in their own solutions.  After a few hours of thinking, we can solve a problem, even if we do use someone else’s ideas, we will at least remember and care about the solution.  The FCM™’ tagline is “simple solutions to complex problems”.  The fact that everyone is able to put into the design facilitates their own language and understanding around the issues of operational controls, compliance metrics and the need for everyone to manage and report against their unique areas of risk. We could provide the application as a CD and manual, and we do start each engagement this way.  Mail order product would probably result in some cash and FCM would join many other applications in that industry heap known as “Mount Must Read™” 

With a flair for using laughter to demystify the complex, PB&SP web pages are laden with training, downloads and even cartoons.  As for The Perils of Mount Must Read™, that is a gem people simply have to experience for themselves.
See: “Process: Piece of Cake” and download Procedure Controls Documentation Guidelines, available as download
There is one thing, however, Facilitated Compliance Management creator and PB&SP president says she refuses to give to anyone,  “Cookies.  They’ll just have to settle for chocolate cake.” 

About Phoenix Business and Systems Process Inc.   Phoenix Business and Systems Process (PB&SP) implements CobiT and ITIL compliant programs resulting in improved client controls and greater capacity for business growth.  Through collaboration and training, PB&SP ensures documented authentic business controls, designed to satisfy ongoing regulatory compliance, business value alignment and cost effective administration.  PB&SP translates enterprise information overload to the executive vernacular, and key business objectives to an achievable IT framework.  Aligning information system metrics to their specific key control requirements ensures continued visibility over both risk and compliance events. Executives and IT leaders want optimum results from their IT investments and are seeking methods to improve management over technical operations. Contact: Robin Basham, M.Ed., M.IT, CISSP, CRIC, CGEIT, CISA, ITSM - President and Founder, Phoenix Business & Systems Process, Inc., and EnterpriseGRC Solutions,  USA - Phone 925 364 7604