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Ultimately, costs cannot be measured by a single rate for materials and consulting.  Value is fairly measured by total impact to business, efficiency, and systems along the critical path to reaching each milestone.



ROI as a concept must move beyond single projects to the integrated achievement of our corporate objectives. When we think of the cost, the wasted years in attempting to accomplish the wrong mission, using the wrong methods, cost us talent, careers, dreams and respect. How can this be measured? Moral climate is the untold natural disaster of our millennium. Every well run organization affects the spiritual lives contained within its operations. People achieving project success bring untold value to society through their optimism, personal history, sense of purpose and overall contribution to our global climate.

Value Proposition: Strategic partnerships mean that our clients are protected from “ground zero”. We provide a way to solve problems that exceed their knowledge and budget. We can’t be excellent at everything. We differentiate by being better at leveraging time and place, true need, and the creation of service vs. augmentation. Our consortium is an assembly line of people performing specialized routines, who are more cost effective than attempting to hire or train from the general population of your workforce. Through collaboration, we can achieve the entire vertical thread. Specialized people are those who can rapidly assess the handoff point between creating a new process and maintaining a sustainable process.

Specialized expertise takes a lifetime and most companies will only leverage these capabilities across a single initiative before finding themselves tied to the long-term use of staff brought in to tackle an obsolete need. In a world where executives lean very heavily on delivery dates and miss the long term support costs, our experts train managers to know what to ask for. Business owners should be demanding more of their software. They need to ask for more controls and fewer dependencies on the specific details of implementation.

What is the value to the client = The end of ground zero

Mission: Through collaboration and cooperative consultation, we remove boundaries, resulting in the implementation of best solutions as opposed to competing solutions.