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  1. We are pleased to bring you the enhancements for January of 2022.

    Enhancement – Committee Meetings – Hearing Transcripts

    Enhancement – Search – Redesigned No Results Page

    • When your search yields no results, choose from an improved list of suggestions to edit your query and find what you need.
    • Use the Help links to learn more ways to locate information on
  2. We are pleased to bring you the enhancements for December of 2021.

    Enhancement – Browse – Expanded Scope of Coverage

    • Browse lists are available starting with the 82nd Congress.

    Enhancement – Congressional Record – Bound Edition

  3. The new Appropriation feed delivers email notifications to feed subscribers when bills in the feed's Appropriations Searches on receive legislative action.

    To subscribe, please sign into your account, visit , scroll down to the heading "Legislation," and you will see "Appropriations Measures Considered by Congress." On the right, click "Get alerts," and then "Confirm."

    In addition, check out more ways to view appropriations bills on
    Appropriations Searches listed from Appropriations and Budget Resources
    Appropriations Searches supported by Command Line search, e.g., Appropriations FY2022

  4. We are pleased to bring you the enhancements for November of 2021, Part 2. 

    Enhancement – Email Alerts and Updates – Appropriations Alert

    • Go to the redesigned Get Email Alerts and Updates page to see the full list of email alerts, updates and RSS feeds available for you to keep up with Congressional activity and current legislation.
    • To get alerts on appropriations legislation for the current fiscal year, use the Get alerts link under the heading Appropriations Measures Considered by Congress.
    • You will receive an email when new appropriations bills are introduced or when any current appropriations bills are updated.

    Enhancement – Congressional Record – Search

    • Congress checkboxes on the Congressional Record search form give you the option to limit your search to 1995-2022 (Daily Edition issues) or Historical (1909-1994) (Bound Edition volumes).
    • Options for searching only headings and Members Remarks are disabled when you select only Historical Congresses.
    • Tooltips, visible when you move your cursor over the icon next to a Congress checkbox, display helpful reminders and link to the Congressional Record help page for more details.

    Enhancement – Browse – Congress Type Ahead

    • Start typing to select a Congress on the Browse page, a directory of frequently-requested resources, lists of legislation and more.
    • Links to House and Senate calendars are available for previous Congresses under Congressional Activity.

    Enhancement – Glossary of Legislative Terms – Improved Accessibility

    • Definitions are no longer collapsed in the Glossary of Legislative Terms, improving accessibility and allowing you to get the information you need with fewer clicks.

    Enhancement – Congressional Record – Bound Edition

  5. We are pleased to bring you the enhancements for November of 2021. 

    Enhancement – Committee Schedule – Add to My Calendar

    • Use the Add to My Calendar link from a meeting announcement page to download the meeting details to your personal calendar.
    • The calendar event includes the meeting title, date, time and location.
    • A link to the meeting announcement page on also is included so you can check for updates to the meeting details or the addition of supporting documentation.

    Enhancement – Legislation – New Filter

    • Legislation search results include a Legislation Date Range filter to limit your results to one or more ranges of years – 1973-2022, 1951-1972, 1799-1873.
    • Historical legislation prior to 1973 is less complete. See About Legislation for more information.

    Enhancement – Congressional Record – Bound Edition

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