Don’t Let The Next WannaCry Surprise You

Jun 01, 2017

10am - 11am PST

Ransomware has quickly become the leading form of cyber attack targeting individuals and large organizations alike. WannaCry is the largest ransomware attack in history, given that ransomware attacks spiked over 6000% in 2016, not likely the last one we'll see. Join this webinar with Oleg Kolesnikov, Director of Threat Research at Securonix Threat Research Labs to take a deep dive into the mechanics of a ransomware attack. You will also understand how big data security analytics can be leveraged to predict a ransomware attack like WannaCry, and see a hands-on demo of Securonix SNYPR, the leading security analytics platform.

We’ll cover:

  • Ransomware explained - the technical mechanics of a ransomware attack
  • How security analytics can predict, detect and respond to ransomware
  • A demo of Securonix SNYPR in a ransomware attack scenario


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