OMG Announces Two New Sponsors of Compliance GRID ProjectInferware and Phoenix to contribute to development of project to address global regulatory compliance management challenges


ORCA Regulatory Compliance from OMG

Needham, MA, USA - July 25, 2006 - The Object Management Group™ (OMG™), a software consortium responsible for establishing distributed com

puting specifications, and ORCA™, the OMG Regulatory Compliance Alliance, today announced that Inferware ( and Phoenix Business and Systems Process (PB&SP) ( have become sponsors of the Compliance Global Regulatory Information Database (C-GRID™) project. Both companies will also be represented on the ORCA Advisory Council.

ORCA is a working group of OMG Members who are committed to codifying and promoting IT best practices for regulatory compliance, and developing resources for IT professionals dealing with regulatory compliance requirements. ORCA is currently developing C-GRID as an open repository of information on regulations, rules, frameworks and guidance documents from around the world. The goal of this project is to provide the de facto compliance reference guide for global IT managers. Contributions from the community to the database are being accepted and vetted by a team of regulatory compliance experts on an ongoing basis. See to add your submission.

"I see ORCA as the perfect opportunity to realize a uniform open source ontology for any framework or standard. The C-GRID will enable any industry vertical to easily and dynamically align their current and unique regulatory profile to the industries' validated and best compliance resources," said Robin Basham, CEO, Phoenix Business and Systems Process. "I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with industry leaders in creating solutions to simplify regulatory complexity and to be contributing to the development of the C-GRID by providing data and meta-data about a variety of U.S. and international statutes and regulations."

"Inferware is pleased to support the development of the C-GRID: our clients need a reliable global regulatory resource, and the C-GRID enables us to build new policy management services on a robust open platform. I am looking forward to serving on the Advisory Council and helping to shape this important resource," said Said Tabet, CEO, Inferware.

"PB&SP and Inferware are innovators in governance, risk management, and policy automation. Their unique perspectives and contributed intellectual property will be invaluable to the C-GRID project, and I welcome their support," said Dr. Adrian Bowles, program director, Regulatory Compliance, OMG. "I am also pleased to have Robin and Said participate on our Advisory Council. Their individual insights have already helped shape our plans and their continued participation will assure a high-quality product."

Inferware and Phoenix join IBM ( as C-GRID sponsors. For more information about ORCA, visit


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Phoenix Business and Systems Process (PB&SP) implements CobiT and ITIL compliant programs resulting in improved client controls and greater capacity for business growth. Through collaboration and training, PB&SP ensures documented authentic business controls, designed to satisfy ongoing regulatory compliance, business value alignment and cost effective administration. Aligning information system metrics to their specific key control requirements PB&SP translates enterprise information overload to the executive vernacular and transforms key business objectives to an achievable IT framework. PB&SP compliance projects consistently result in rapid non-qualified audit findings and increased operational efficiencies. With a partner network spanning four continents and the Unites States, PB&SP information systems and security analysts possess technology and audit certifications, networking credentials, compliance and regulatory training, and advanced degrees in such areas as Business, IT, Assessment, and Engineering. PB&SP people know standards and the real world problem of making the standards work. Common to all employees is ITIL certification and either CISSP, CISM or CISA certifications. Simple solutions to complex problems

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