Risks in Life Logging - ENISA, because Europe saw it coming


  • R1 – Breach of privacy
  • R2 – Inappropriate secondary use of data
  • R3 – Malicious attacks on smart devices increase as their value to authenticate individuals and store personal data increases
  • R4 – Compliance with and enforcement of data protection legislation made more difficult
  • R5 – Discrimination and exclusion
  • R6 – Monitoring, cyber-stalking, child grooming and “friendly” surveillance
  • R7 – Unanticipated changes in citizens’ behavior and creation of an “obedient” citizen
  • R8 – Poor decision making / inability to make decisions
  • R9 – Psychological harm
  • R10 – Physical theft of property or private information from home environment
  • R11 – Reduction of choices available to individuals as consumers and user lock-in
  • R12 – Decrease of productivity 

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