Do you know your a.s.s from your t.l.a?


Know your a.s.s from your acronym

Word of the Day

Artificial Tweetner

Meaning: 140 characters and zero substance

Wanna take a little quiz journey?

Question: When someone says "SAML, SSO, XACML", do you say

a) Gazoontite!

b) Today’s heavy weight IdM and point federated SSO solutions do not address the full spectrum of enterprise class security capabilities required to deploy critical applications in the cloud.


c) Oh yes, we had a dog named SAML.  She was a good girl.

d) What's IDM?

Answer: b) but since you said d)...

Question: If you need IDM you might be...

a) Looking for a world renowned rapper to record your sick illmatic

b) Planning a solution that requires role based authentication and identity management

c) Struggling to come up with your unique statement and style

d) Wanting a better solution than post its to keep track of your passwords

Answer b) but since you said d)

Question: If your board of directors published a goal to protect all automated content as delivered via cloud services you would

a) Say that you will handle this like a mainframe process

b) Rely on existing perimeter security implementation

c) Admit you have a problem

How to fix the problem:

Now Available - Cloud & Virtualization Essentials™

and you would read the standards and guidelines that most matter:

Special Publication 800-126 Revision 2, The Technical Specification for the Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP): SCAP Version 1.2

To view the announcement of release on CSRC News page:

PDF link to document:

Location of document on the Special Publications page:

Special Publication 800-137, Information Security Continuous Monitoring (ISCM) for Federal Information Systems and Organizations, PDF link to document:

Location of document on the Special Publications page:

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