peopletechbackground largeSince taking action to report spam emails, the attempts to register on the site dropped to a statistical average of 0 per day.  Only real solution is to spend money and time on a full Joomla update and sustainable cloud architecute.  Is it worth it?  What is the value of a fake conversation, a fake reader, or leaving a bot unchecked?  

What is the value of a dialogue? Why is this so important in Europe and inconsequential in the US? Why would anyone need to use a private blog when LinkedIn Groups, Facebook, Twitter and Digg are so far reaching and effective?

This site was publically launched 2011, October 17th.  To date, it has no dedicated professional support (just the work of the company owner). and has not paid for a single click or keyword.  There are only a handful of logged in users at any one time, and anywhere from 15 to 60 new IP will visit in any day.  Statistics also indicate that readers (those unique 15-60 IP addresses) are REALLY reading, at a pace of about half a training presentation (30 slides or workflow diagrams) per visit.

So what is the value of a dialogue?  Should there be a place on this site for an open forum, or is using the LinkedIn, Twitter and Digg community more than enough?  Personally, Digg, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn groups keep me informed. These friends, leaders, and colleagues have me on mental toes.  What are your thoughts?  I'd love to hear from you.  All you have to do is join us on Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn or Digg.

Why bring this up?

It appears that the depth of our friendships and conversations, meaning you, has value.  Apparently, that we talk to one another is monetarily import.  So, I don't want to pull our words out of Digg, Twitter, FaceBook, and LinkedIn, because the more we speak, the greater our circles of influence and learning reach.  Pulling these threads into one sphere just doesn't feel right.  It is diminishing.

As a point of interest, I am posting some widgets from Stuffgate and Alexa here.  I'll swap them and remove them if anyone takes offense.  This is a metric, that I think, speaks to our dialogue.  The 2000+ first connections in my LinkedIn family, the fifty groups, the Digg Business and Technology communities, the GRC Buzz Tweets, seem to be going somewhere.  But where?  What direction?  As Don Cheadle said over and over in yet another of his great movies, "Talk to me!"

Here's the Stuffgate widget for us. - page rank and Alexa

Assuming the publically available SaaS service is working today, here are some interesting places.

One last note.  The value of EnterpriseGRC Solutions is an anomaly to me, at least.  The company is just me and a few like-minded consultants. But the conversation, the materials, and readers have put this site in the top 27 thousand US website for traffic.  Is it malware?  Russian Federation?  It is syndication, tweets, and reads. I'm starting to dare to believe it could be you.

Okay, Maybe It's Not All You - Financial Rewards in Not Cleaning Up the Spam

As this site gains minor popularity, it is a greater target for spam.

Here's where metrics get interesting.  I started the new approach on January 16th.  On that date, Alexa traffic report was one month value 149,000 world.  That is too good to be true, but hey, a nice feather in our cap right?  Would I really want to give up that kind of attention?

On January 17th, I began to slow the success of spammers instead of deleting them.  Although the number of valid IP addresses and readers at the site is increasing, (15 to 60 real readers a day) the accounts for the following identified spammers were just "locked" but not removed.   This meant that email address also can't re-register.

These email identities are listed on Google as SPAM:

frultelty AT, olekwicz3  AT, pqoemnhh1  AT, admin AT, eynolds.halcombne4721  AT, nmwsf543  AT, rssss.rsrer.87  AT, ronaldomalm  AT

So in the words of the GREAT Jerry Seinfeld, No Soup for You!

So we're done, right?  Not so fast.
The site traffic dropped by 5000 hits in just one day.  The site value dropped from $20,104.00 to 19,447.00.

That means we are providing economic incentive to allow SPAM to stay.  In fact, when you see things like Facebook is worth  $72,000,000,000 it sort of begs the question as to IF WE ARE SERIOUSLY unhappy about spam.

Since publishing "No Soup for You"


The article got about 50 "Diggs".  Over a period of one week, the abuse of the registration process went from 15 attempts a day to 0.  I think the public naming of addresses that showed up in Google as spam may have actually done the trick.  I also revealed that the site has nothing to steal and that the efforts to hack it only made me more convinced that any revenue transaction would happen via third-party.  I decided to go with Eventbrite, managing payment transactions for online classes.

So to conclude this 15 minutes of fame...

The site peaked at Alexa rank 140,000 Global, which isn't realistic for a site three months old and without a bunch of employees who would also be visiting the pages on a regular basis.  The value also peaked at around 22K US, but again, flattering as it seems, not realistic for a place that people just come to read.  This site wants traffic but earned traffic.  Real readers, like you.

After striking up a conversation with the CTO of Trend Micro about the energy cost of traffic analysis, and revealing search results that seemed as though they might not be legitimate to my own posting to the people at Alexa, and then further inviting a computer science security class at a local university to monitor activity, site traffic has become "REAL".  It is weeks since a bogus registration has crossed my desk.

Monthly unique IP addresses are around 700, with page views at about 8000.  

Rank is sliding back towards 30K US, and you may recall that I was totally jazzed when the site broke 50K US.  That could be real, who knows even 30K US might be real.  22K?  Absolutely NO WAY.

I don't endorse hurting animals, but absolutely suggest that everyone kill FeedCat.


So here's my challenge back2you.  If it means dropping your website rank, will you kill the spam?