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Swim Or Die In The Cloud


Original publication LinkedIn September 18, 2016, also found at Cavirin Blog

Cloud Computing: Where is it? What is it?

Cloud computing, on its own, is a benign concept, identified as having five attributes:


  1. priced according to recurring subscriptions or usage-based charges, rather than having an up-front cost.
  2. delivers IT capabilities that scale with demand, rather than being defined by a fixed set of assets.
  3. is delivered as a well-defined service, instead of as a product that needs system administrators and maintenance.
  4. is typically based on the open Internet technology, which increases its interoperability.
  5. enables resources to serve multiple needs for multiple consumers, rather than dedicating resources for individual infrastructure, software, or platforms
  • Virtualization: Abstractions compute services away from their physical hardware and allow them to be treated as data. (The technology)
  • Cloud: Builds on this abstraction by allowing services to be flexible, sourced from a number of providers and delivered over a number of channels. (The business)
  • Asset Efficiency: resulting savings from buying, housing, and supporting fewer devices, (a.k.a benefit of Virtualization)