From Enterprise Governance Risk and Compliance to EnterpriseGRC Secure Cloud Solutions, a Facilitated Compliance ApproachTM

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Enterprise GRC requirements are rapidly evolving. The single greatest influence in a shifting risk landscape is the transformation of the business from localized data centers to virtualized and cloud-dependent environments. While companies have generally addressed compliance for many years, relatively few people would know how to leverage tools to facilitate enterprise-wide continuous monitoring and reporting of governance, compliance, and risk (GRC).  In the last decade, however, several vendors have evolved significant platforms that enable world-class GRC programs.

The addition of SaaS, Paas, and IaaS models, however, now furthers the need for highly trained process and enterprise engineers, having audit and software experience, who are capable of managing operational, reporting and compliance risk in a fully automated, virtualized, multi-geographic business paradigm.  EnterpriseGRC Solutions is here to fill that specific niche.

EnterpriseGRC Solutions has extensive experience in helping complex organizations make use of integrated dashboards and controls automation.  Regardless of platform, our customers are assisted in implementing and enforcing processes according to a defined GRC enterprise management methodology.  EnterpriseGRC Solutions Resources possess the business, regulatory, enterprise and risk management experience necessary to meet any demands in successfully implementing your GRC.

Enterprise Compliance Frameworks and Architecture

Facilitated Compliance Management - 4Point GRC

  • Policy Management
    • Using ISO27001 EnterpriseGRC Solutions maps HR, IT, Finance, Business and Legal Policy
  • Process & Policy mapping according to all major standards
    • Enterprise Management
    • Baseline Configuration Management (CMDB) Using Asset Inventory tools, create and enable real-time evidence of controls enabled by service operations.
  • Compliance Management
    • CSA – (Control Self Assessment) Based on each organization’s custom risk frameworks, test scripts, and maturity, Risk Assessments for initial and continuing audit phases
    • Risk Assessments
  • Enterprise Risk Management - Top Down - Dashboarding program manages actual exposures, relative to real service, real policy and changing conditions across the business & IT.

4 Tiers  in FCM GRC Implementation

Information Security

Virtual 9 Risks Intro by Virtual

Our professional training and certification program aims at facilitating a higher cloud implementation success rate. The benefits of adopting our program in your organization are vast.

Benefits of adopting this training program

  • Higher success rate of implementing cloud computing
  • Prepare your workforce for tomorrow’s workplace
  • Internationally certified vendor-neutral material that is taught by certified trainers
  • Recognized quality training materials developed with the most leading experts and vendors
  • Save money with a corporate plan for training
  • Overcome resistance to change, by building basic cloud awareness
  • Become a smart purchase of cloud vendor products

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