EnterpriseGRC Solutions assists clients to navigate risks and opportunities in cloud computing.  

We will step you through your virtualization and cloud journey. Using our methodology of teaching and facilitating compliance, EnterpriseGRC Solutions is able to manage Enterprise Risk, ranking impact, likelihood, controllability, and efficiency for each area in an organization's capability to comply with regulations and standards.  We are here to assist you in standing up, rolling out, gaining the rewards of new and effective business processes.

Virtual 6 Risks in Workplace Virtualization

This website area is dedicated to both Risks and Opportunities in Cloud Computing. Blog topics include:

Advice: "Examine the Source", "Feet on the ground", "They're still The Big Four","Genius and the People we know"

Examine the Source:

Top Threats to Cloud Computing, v.1.0, developed by the Cloud Security Alliance, outlines seven themes in Cloud Technology risk, which include,

Abuse and Nefarious Use of Cloud ComputingInsecure Interfaces and APIsShared Technology Issues, Data Loss or LeakageAccount or Service Hijacking, and Unknown Risk Profile

First, understand the source of information used to advise.  We promote CSA because of the people who steer their guidance, so here's thanks to

The Cloud Security Alliance Board of Directors, Jerry ArcherAlan BoehmeDave Cullinane, Paul Kurtz, Nils PuhlmannJim Reavis

Visit the data center, or care about the credibility and quality of the people who have. Understand the frameworks applied and the scope of review. Represent the product as opposed to the surrounding platforms that deliver the product. Focus more heavily on the SDLC, application and session layer.  Networking is likely a control on the rise.  Cloud Data Centers tend to get it right.Business Virtualization Value Drivers

Business Virtualization Value Drivers