Telecom complexity is a series of Visio diagrams developed through a collaborative process while working in a CLEC to rapidly build out POP locations.  

You may find value in observing what can be done using linked Microsoft Visio, the break out of accountability by business functions and the controls in certification - lock down and testing.  Even though the process is now almost a decade old, the steps to document the related flow charts remains as useful as ever.  If you want to learn more about using Visio to publish integrated HTML documentation, please reach out using our contact page, or read more in the "how to" section titled "Procedure Controls Guidelines and Documentation".

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Currently, Telecom Complexity and GRC RunBook UML are in our public section.  These resources will soon be moved into the registered only section.  We hope you will take this opportunity to register with

Telecom Complexity represents a project to gather every possible type of documentation and data that would be necessary to rapidly plan, turn up and operate a data center.  Enjoy a full-size image showing all the potential data points in data center control.


DS13 COBIT 4 Functional Diagram