By Suvir Singh, and Siddharth Walia


EnterpriseGRC Solutions is committed to the development of compliance professionals, and in this path, we've had the great pleasure to meet and work with Suvir Singh.  Suvir has granted us early access to research work that will be presented at ASIA Summit in summer of 2017.

Suvir and Siddharth found that almost 20% of the new vulnerabilities were not defined by OWASP in 2014 and have proposed to define a new vulnerability classification. The report's blueprint is on Page 10. 


Year after year we see a new buzzword and new promises that this new word lays down to the businesses and the society around us. A few years back it was Cloud Computing then we had Big Data, 3D Printing, Virtual Reality (VR) and now we are hearing a lot about Internet of Things (IoT). One mistake that we just cannot do is to act dumb and play safe as the technology advances. The disruptions are creating a lot of sound and effect in the modern era. As shown in Figure1, Gartner has placed Internet of Things right at the peak of the curve in the stage of the peak of Inflated Expectations.
With more than a billion connected devices and machines in use today and the opportunity for IoT-enabled transformation have been progressively increasing in the last couple of years. Not only the existing organizations but new startups have emerged who are seeing measurable benefits from the Internet of Things. Local governments are making budgets to go further with LED smart street lighting that doesn’t need regular maintenance, but can automatically report when it needs to be repaired. Transportation companies are saving millions of dollars by reducing fuel consumption using data captured, transmitted, and analyzed in near real-time. These are just a few examples of the myriad ways in which IoT is penetrating the businesses and effect can be realized directly by the consumer. 

We hope you will launch this outstanding study to learn more.