Back in 2011, I began a thread on SEO.  With all the events of fake news, I've decided to keep the articles in the Security section.  They tell an important story about small business, website security, and business in the cloud.

WOT MisTrust in Firefox(From 2011)

This site has 0 backlinks in Google.  Hmmm, wonder how that is possible? The site is linked to dozens of other companies and gets a good deal of referral traffic.  Is this because we purchase 0 PPC (pay per click), or perhaps is it because we only use session cookies to stop repeat votes.  Is it because we remove known spammers from our registration?  Are we just too young?  EnterpriseGRC dot com launched in late October, although the domain was purchased at the end of August 2011.  Does it just take more time?

On March 17th, this site gets continued wacky reports of value, and now is advertised at "up downer" as plummeting like a stone.  We think this is code for, don't waste any more time trying to suck in this domain.  It's not gonna happen.

We really believe that a study of Updowner "Up" listings would trend with exploits.  Why wouldn't people who place bots want to go for the sites with the most upward trending readers?

It's fascinating to look for what is common and even true.   Alexa is trustworthy.  Where Google Analytics measures pages where we have placed their tracking cookie (which is not a client-side cookie), this tells us how many readers look at our content, as opposed to embedded content such as YouTube, and various wrappers that guide the reader to other sites.

Until we accept money for AdSense or any other type of for pay advertisement that relies entirely on the PPC harvesting of our readers, these widgets remain benign.  We believe it became malignant when the identities of our readers are commingled, which they are not.

Alexa Statistics Summary for is ranked #166,887 in the world according to the three-month Alexa traffic rankings. About 11% of visits to this site are referred by search engines. Visitors to it spend about 27 seconds on each pageview and a total of 39 minutes on the site during each visit. Visitors to the site view 36.0 unique pages each day on average. is located in the US. Show Less

Alexa Traffic Rank

166,887 Global Rank   34,063 Rank in US Reputation 157 Site linking

This value is dropping, but we think it is more likely that the removing of our name in UpDowner's list of "Up" took our site off a great deal of hacker radar.  More simply, we don't think we lost any real readers and we anticipate that this number never really ranked anywhere near the reported 22K US.  We think that was at least 50% counterfeit reader access performance, CRAP.

Better indications of why the real site readers may be increasing would be that since starting a twitter account in November, there are now close to 100 followers, and facebook business page now boasts a whopping 25 followers.  Of the nearly 2000 first connections on LinkedIn, it would make sense that 1 to 2% of these people would visit the site in a day.

Search traffic is highly authentic.  Again, without any paid keyword or add placement, the returns look as follows:

Sites Receiving the Most Traffic from Query -

Search term: Enterprise GRC

Site Share of Voice  

  • 54.09%
  • 13.67%
  • 6.70%
  • 5.92%

Search term: facilitated compliance management

  • 8.42%
  • 7.75%
  • 5.73%
  • 5.36%

Search term: GRC Cloud Green

  • 16.39%
  • expresscomputeronline.com10.96%
  • 8.40%
  • 7.20%
  • 7.18%

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UPDATE, history had the site as high as 250K but when I moved to a secure host provider, patched all joomla, put limits on directories and required a password, the site was ranked as worth $10.00.  The correct question should be, what is this site worth to a hacker.  If the hacker has to spend too much time on your site, not so much. no-repeat;">My website is worth
$14,396 USD
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