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Session Title

Session Date

Self-Empowerment in Technology: Bootstrapping and Belief 
23 February 2017
Leadership METRICS for Success
21 February 2017
Prevent Major Data Breaches with Threat Lifecycle Management
9 February 2017
Stability, Agility, and The Capable Organization 
31 January 2017
Solving Business Problems with COBIT 5
26 January 2017
Mitigando Impactos: de la Gestión de Incidentes a la Resiliencia del Negocio
18 January 2017
DevOps—Accelerating Your Enterprise’s Digital Agility 
15 December 2016
Threat Analytics - The Key to Protecting Privileged Access and Preventing Breaches
13 December 2016
Suggested Tips Auditors Need to Know About Cyber Security
6 December 2016
The Bleeding Edge of AppSec
1 December 2016
Rethink Security for SaaS with a Platform Approach
29 November 2016
2016 Data Protection Benchmark Study: Are you at Risk?
10 November 2016
Defending Against the Data Breach: Implementing a Defense-in-Depth Security Strategy
25 October 2016
Tips for Auditing Cybersecurity
18 October 2016
Governing Data for Business Value: Data Management Maturity
13 October 2016
Making Risk Assessments Meaningful: Data Breach Intelligence That Matters
6 October 2016
Cyber Risk IS Business Risk: Assessing Cyber Risk Appetite for the C-Suite
4 October 2016
How Secure is Your Private Cloud?
27 September 2016
Securing “Shadow IT” and Sensitive Company Data in the Cloud
15 September 2016
SSH Keys: Access Out of Control
13 September 2016
Compliance = Security: Why the Math Doesn’t Add Up
8 September 2016
Pragmatic Networking: One of Your Most Effective Career Tools
25 August 2016
Demystifying End Point Security and Global Threat Intelligence
23 August 2016
ISACA Presents: Building Capability with CMMI
17 August 2016
Top 5 Tips to Overcome Executive Challenges to Implement Data Classification
11 August 2016
Effective Third-Party Risk Assessment – A Balancing Process 
26 July 2016
IT/OT Convergence and Industrial Cybersecurity
20 July 2016
How to Protect Yourself in the World with No Parameters 
6 July 2016
Breaking the Data Breach Kill Chain
21 June 2016
Next-Gen GRC: Building a Road to GRC Maturity
16 June 2016
Key Lessons from the IT Audit Director Forums
14 June 2016
Ransomware: Breaking the Criminal Business Model
9 June 2016
Protecting and Recovering Encrypted Data in Today’s World
24 May 2016
Becoming the Boss: 10 Key Steps for Advancing to Executive Management
19 May 2016
How to Get Away With Data (Exfiltration) 
12 May 2016
Mitigate Attacks on Test and Development by Masking Sensitive Data
26 April 2016
The Inverted Cloud of Operability 
20 April 2016
Protecting the Software Defined Data Center
14 April 2016
EU Regulation’s Impact on Cyber Security – What is “state of the art”?
12 April 2016
PCI DSS: Developing Robust Trojan Defenses
31 March 2016
Top 10 Zero-Day Exploits of 2015
22 March 2016
Evaluación de Capacidad de los Procesos de TI usando COBIT 5
16 March 2016
Understanding How Machine Learning Defends Against Zero-Day Threats
10 March 2016
The State of Cybersecurity: An ISACA Perspective
8 March 2016