The Perils of Mount Must Read

The Perils of Mount Must Read™: Confessions of a Cliff Note Junky

Preface: Why should anyone read a story about a possessed reading pile and a recovering workaholic?

With liberal dose of fantasy and humor, “The Perils of Mount Must Read™” chronicles a quest to conquer the mountain of reading required to just stay competent in information audit and technology..

Admittedly, the intended audience has some background in compliance and IT.  Even if the reader is not an IT auditor, the challenge to stay ahead of new tools and research in an industry with no respect for “too much information” is a familiar predicament.  Add to that, an ego driven compulsion to make sense of every digitally available IT resource, and you have the essence of a modern day tragic hero, an information overload villain, and a quest for information peace and enlightenment. Becoming caught up in the race to remain competent in one’s profession is probably not unique to audit or technology.

Blending fiction and truth, the tale aims for insight, suggesting solutions to the problem of what to read and who to regard as “expert” in our field.

Laugh with me or at me, but please relax and consider quality over quantity as an alternative to drinking from the digital fire hose.

Events transpire between October and December, and conclude with the New Year, 2006. Part fantasy and part truth, the characters admit their flaws and evolve a strategy for survival against “The Perils of Mount Must Read™.”

Many thanks to the persons who provided a wealth of great resources. Credits are scattered throughout the story and detailed in the endnotes.

Hope you enjoy the read.

Kind Regards,

Robin Basham, M.IT, M.Ed. CISA, ITSM


The Perils of Mount Must Read™: Confessions of a Cliff Note Junky

© By Robin Basham

Ever have a day where the more you learn the less you know?  Around here, it’s been that kind of year.  Printing any resource that might aid a losing race to stay current in regulations and frameworks, a reading backlog grew from a minor elevation to hill.  As autumn fell, the pile extended beyond the height of our office, and the perilous pile acquired a name: “Mount Must Read™.”

In hindsight, I agree, this is hard to believe, but the story needs to be told.  At the very least, consider it a fair warning that you could be next.

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