I wonder if you can help us.  We're sincerely dedicated to supporting our ISACA, (ISC)2, Security and Risk Management community, but could use your help.  It's not because we want to trick the system. Quite to the contrary, we take pride in two things:
We are not bots - You are not bots

Put another way, we provide real content and you read real content. 

This article is interesting from a historical perspective. We no longer rely on IP Blocking, although we do still block types of traffic. We don't use Alexa, a product that is retiring as of May 2022. Ultimately, traffic and monitoring became a good deal more challenging, and we will be publishing a lot of new advice and content soon. Any reference to Alexa will be pulled from our code.

The fact that our relationship is recorded in website traffic is a small badge of friendship.  We get no money and more importantly, you paid no price. 

We share secure content, so when you want something, you can trust us to just get it.  Over 700 of you downloaded a PowerPoint Presentation in just this year alone. 

Would you like to know how we manage this relationship, and how we make sure that none of you are BOTS?  As security professionals, we take the time to know who you are, and this effort is a part of how we keep your information safe. There's no unknown third party.  We start by securing ourselves.


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