We Know Telecom, Enterprise, and Cloud Security Pain

Fractured market expectations where converged services evolved quickly out of a legacy business model, makes it hard to leverage cost efficiencies such as entirely Virtualized Data Centers and Cloud-enabled management services

  • Product survival often resulted in ad-hoc, chaotic infrastructure, vendor-version lock-in, code variants caused by break-fix “customizations”, making today’s required upgrades risky, or even impossible
  • Dynamic processes are difficult to optimize, especially where services delivery is constantly adapting to meet FCC, Department of Justice, International Regulatory (such as E911), Anti-trust, City and State regulations
  • Companies have to choose between outpacing an unbridled market and the risk of designing products they can no longer afford to support
  • Today’s user transmits financial, medical, and other types of regulated content as words, sounds, images, and video, across geopolitical boundaries, onto endpoints ranging from PDA and iPhone to medical devices and Fibre Channel HBAs

Data Center Mission Control

Today’s data centers are overly complex due constantly evolving layer 2/3 technology and increasingly incompatible converged layer 4/7 management applications
EnterpriseGRC Solutions professionals will deliver sets of practices that provide reasonable assurance that business processes are happening, are optimized, and that the negative impact of undesirable events are minimal

ITIL Service Strategy Design Operations Transition

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