Using Workday to Drive a New Auditing Paradigm - IAM and SOX Controls Automation

This presentation demonstrates using Workday as a part of the Facilitated Compliance Management approach by Robin Basham at Ellie Mae. Speaking at Workday rising was a tremendous honor. Meeting and collaborating with Kendall Tieck was spectacular.

Robin Basham, Director, Internal Audit and Compliance, Ellie Mae

Kendall Tieck, VP Internal Audit, Workday

Using Workday to Drive a New Auditing Paradigm

A Use Case prepared by Robin Basham, Director, Internal Audit and Compliance, Ellie Mae, with supporting commentary from Kendall Tieck, VP Internal Audit, Workday 

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The situation and complication…Companies and organizations are deploying Workday to increase business performance and to assist in achieving key objectives.

However, auditors, armed with little information about Workday’s business and internal control value, struggle to transfer their legacy ERP knowledge to the workflow-enabled platform.

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Implications and call to action…

While auditors address the learning curve, a burden emerges that slows the business from fully realizing the efficiencies that Workday delivers.

By improving the auditor’s knowledge and understanding of Workday's internal control capabilities and its inherent auditability, companies can not only control costs associated with auditing but improve the auditor’s ability to contribute business value.

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